After thought

After thought

Lavenham has been the scene of films about the occult and magic ranging from the horror of The Witchfinder General to the delights of Harry Potter, it has connections to some of the great events of English history or some of the more famous of English myths and legends, the village carries a sense of mystery. 

It remains a place where its people live peacefully and in harmony with our great heritage and culture. 

If those who live or visit here are joined by ghosts, then we cannot blame our spirited friends: Lavenham is a very pretty village after all.   If there are no such things as ghosts, yet the stories provide another way of looking at the special inheritance of a wonderful place that remains the epitome of everyone’s image of village life in England.

There may not be magic yet this place is truly magical.

To see the village of Lavenham is to be given a glimpse of one thousand years of English history; still alive for the village thrives as a centre for trade to this day. It may have ghosts as guests but it is far from being a ghost town.